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Status Updates:

  • (Jan 29, 2015): For whatever reason our email host (Google) has begun marking some messages from and to as spam. While searching for an email from a customer I found over 120 emails on order updates, and some customer inquiries marked as spam.  The bad news is that all spam was being deleted after 15 days, so anything that may have been marked as spam that I missed before the 14th has been deleted.  If you have tried to contact us in the past, but received no response please re-send your inquiry.
  • (Dec 2014) : We have changed email hosts in order to resolve ongoing email issues we've had for about a year now. If you have tried to contact us in the past, but received no response it's safe to assume it never made it through. Please contact us again so we can help resolve any problems you may have had. The domain email is now hosted by Google, and resolves issues we were having with online web mail providers, and being unable to receive mail from incorrectly configured mail servers, or servers without a fully qualified domain name, or without reverse DNS enabled. If you have emailed us recently, but haven't received a response yet, it's likely that I just haven't gotten to it yet. If you are unable to use email, even though a contact email account is required for making purchases, please contact us by US mail at the address given below.

Before Contacting Us Please Remember:

  • Originally a family business, is now run by a single person.  Occasionally things happen, such as illness, family emergencies, etc., which prevent timely shipments as intended. When this happens after hours and weekends are dedicated to getting caught up. Otherwise there is no order processing over weekends or holidays.
  • Orders are processed in the order in which they are received, not based upon the shipping option selected during checkout.
  • Many of the items we offer are specifically created for and are not available elsewhere.
  • Every item is custom made for you after you place your order, and many of them created specifically for It's not like purchasing a copy of Microsoft Windows at a retail shop where all they need to do is put it in a box and ship it to you.

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Hours: Because this is a home based business, and ship using the US Postal Service, the office is closed weekends and on all National Holidays (days the Post Office is closed). Expect national holiday weekends to be extended to three or four days. 

Mailing Address:
c/o Webpath Technologies
11335 Neff Rd.
Clio, MI 48420