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Before Contacting Us Please Remember:

  • Orders are processed in the order in which they are received, not based upon the shipping option selected during checkout.
  • Every item is custom made for you after you place your order. It's not like purchasing a copy of Mirosoft Windows at a retail shop where all they need to do is put it in a box and ship it to you.
  • We do not work weekends or holidays.  We are a small family business, with the emphasis on family.

Please be aware: Since early September 2013 several shipments have either gone missing, or been returned damaged, sometimes weeks later, by the US Postal Service. We are assured they are looking ionto it, and continue to report damaged and missing items to help them figure out what is happening. If your order is severely overdue please use the form below to contact us so we can ship a replacement and try to figure out what happened to the original package.

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We do the majority of our work in an online environment, so simply using the email form above is BY FAR the best way to get in contact with us, especially if we may happen to be at a software conference or other event where we may not get a phone message until we return.

Normal office hours are 10am - 4PM Monday - Friday (Eastern Time U.S.A.). Because we are a home based business, and ship using the US Postal Service, the offices are closed weekends and on all National Holidays (days the Post Office is closed). Please expect holiday weekends to be extended to three or four days.

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11335 Neff Rd.
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